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Foray Fit: Creative Bodies in Motion

In February’s newsletter, we discuss recent, exciting scientific findings linking enhanced creativity to physical movement. Several new studies have demonstrated compelling evidence that bodies in motion are better at executing creative tasks, such as problem-solving and idea-generations.

In celebration of these findings, we've compiled videos highlighting a few of our of favorite examples of creative movement.

When we move we are free to express ourselves. As always, we hope that Spring will provide you with the support you need to ensure your expression and creativity are never hampered.

Jackson Pollock's Action Painting

Through uninhibited movement and direct interaction with the canvas, Pollock shocked the art world, altered the course of creative expression for generations, and created some of the 20th century most enduring masterpieces.

Watch a discussion of Pollock's legacy

Lucille Ball's Physical Comedy

In the 1950's, Ball's use of physicality in comedy provided a radical break from depictions of women on television. Her approach to slapstick leaves audiences in stitches to this day and paved the way for generations of women comics to express themselves on their own terms.

Watch “Vitametavegamin”

Alvin Ailey's Revelations

Dancers are constantly in movement--finding new and inspiring ways to bend their bodies, evoke emotion, and tell stories. Ailey's groundbreaking Revelations has inspired audiences for over 40 years with its blend of reverent grace and spiritual elation chronicling the story of the African-American experience.

Watch American Dance Theater perform at Lincoln Center

Jim Henson's Puppetry

Puppetry has its roots in ancient Greece, but Henson's ability to manipulate movement and comedic sensibilities has brought joy to generations of adults and children alike through his iconic performances for The Muppets and Sesame Street.

Watch Jim Henson introduce the Muppets to Johnny Carson

An older gentleman using the Foray Design Spring upright walker outside